Our guesthouse Domizil LinaArt is located in Güzelcamli in the Central Aegean, on the edge of the Dilek Nationalpark, Kusadasi (25 km), Söke (30 km) and Izmir (100 km). You walk about 1 km to a sandy beach and reach the national park and the city centre with its picturesque urban core in a few minutes.

The Aegean countryside was home to many civilizations whose archaeological remnants you find in many places. The Ottoman heritage is reflected in well preserved houses and mosques.

The national park on the Dilek peninsula where the Samsun mountains tower as high as 1237 m, offers numerous beautiful beaches (blue environmental flag of the European Union), untouched nature and a rich diversity of rare animals and birds. Walking through the canyon is a special experience.

Find out about Güzelcamli and the national park here.

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